Product Description
  • Electronic flare with visibility up to 8,000 feet (2.5 km).

  • Battery powered, EzyFlare can last up to 12 hours.

  • It is lighted by 20 SUPER BRIGHT leds: when activated, 15 RED LEDs are moving on a chase pattern around the outer edge of the unit, while 5 YELLOW LEDS flash in the center of the unit.

  • Non incendiary and water resistant.

  • It's dimensions are 8" X 2" and weighs only 2.5 LBS

  • A simple push of the button located on the back activates the leds.

  • Portable and easy to set
Why is EzyFlare essential to carry?

    The EzyFlare Roadside Flare is an electronic emergency LED device, for use in case of emergency of ANY nature. It warns incoming traffic by means of a flashing and intermittent light. It is a MUST in EVERY MOVING VEHICLE; but also useful in camping, hiking, and the military (helicopter land indicator), or emergency services. Police cars are now replacing flares for EZYFLARE, which is less expensive and safer for those involved and for the environment. Visible from air and land, the beacon is essential for motoring, ALL land activiities.

  When activated, the continually moving LED pulses around the outer edge of the unit, in combination with a flashing LED cluster in the center of the unit. Built-in stand to allow the warning light to be left in an upright position. Rubber feet on the bottom to prevent damage to surfaces. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included).

EzyFlare Multiple Uses
Welcomes Distributors

    Ezyflare welcomes distributors from all over the world. We are actively seeking distribution channels in different countries in Europe and Latin America. PLease feel free to send us an email. Thank you.